From 2009-2010, I worked with the Virginia Tech English Department’s Professional Writing committee. During my time with the committee, it revised the program’s mission statement and redesigned its internship program. These changes reflected the program’s grounding in rhetorical theory and encouraged students to explore practical applications of that theory.

In addition to my work with the Professional Writing Committee, I have served in various capacities with three scholarly journals. At UNC Charlotte, I worked with Alan Rauch and Bernadette Wegenstein as Assistant Editor on the Winter 2007 special issue of Configurations. This issue, “Reality Made Over,” examined the ethical, cultural, and bodily implications of “makeover” reality television shows such as The Swan and Extreme Makeover. At Virginia Tech, I was a founding member of the editorial board for Public Knowledge Journal, an interdisciplinary, open access journal established by graduate students. I began working with PKJ as a copy editor but also served as managing editor and editor-in-chief. During my terms as managing editor and editor-in-chief, we expanded the journal’s scope to include work from international authors and established special issues that encouraged scholarly discussion of current events and issues. Most recently, I served as the editorial assistant for the minnesota review, a journal of critical and creative writing. As editorial assistant, I maintained correspondence between editors and authors, provided technical support for the submission process, and maintained social media accounts for the journal.

For additional information about my service work, please see my CV.