Sample Syllabi

ENG 111: College Composition I (Virginia Western Community College)

College Composition I introduces students to critical thinking and the fundamentals of academic writing. Through the writing process, students refine topics: develop and support ideas; investigate, evaluate, and incorporate appropriate resources; edit for effective style and usage; and determine appropriate approaches for a variety of contexts, audiences, and purposes.

In this course, you will write critically and thoughtfully about familiar places and communities. In doing so, you also prepare yourself to think and write in a thoughtful manner about unfamiliar places and situations.

Patriarca111Syllabus (PDF)

ENGL 3764: Technical Writing (Virginia Tech)

Technical Writing is an introduction to written, oral, and visual communication in the workplace that is designed for non-English majors. The primary goal of this course will be rhetorical awareness rather than a mastery of every convention or genre which you might be required to write during your career. Through individual and collaborative projects, you will practice researching, designing, and evaluating appropriate documents and presentations for non-expert audiences.

PatriarcaTWSyllabus (PDF)